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Today is a special day:

Day of Manufacturing

The Result of the 6th Guild Election (End September to October 1st)


Ok Guildies the 6th Guild Election is over. 23 induvidual Votes where cast. and the results are in.

I Conratulate the new and the Re-Elected members of the council which should find together today to declare who will be the new Head of council and who the 2 Vice Heads.

Name Votes
Elywynn 22
VinoVeritas 21
Alduron 21
Riptide 19
Darkdiablo 17
Cynny 16
Ant 16
Mirt 11
Thorian 9
Koddy 5
Funfool 4

As i VinoVeritas did Watch over the votes in time i must say while the Top 4 where clear pretty soon it was a long time a race for the other 3 spots. And it looked for a long time that there would be a tie between Cynny Ant mirt and thorian. But as i said before Everyone that went up for the votes, would have deserved a spot in the Council.

Special thanks to the Members of the former Board of Guild Council, that stepped down, Especially the Vice Council Head IceVodka and Naturelover who i am more then sure many people are sad to see leaving the council.  They all will go on the board of Council Advisors. And are still willing to help us out. Like our old Advisors of the Council did, when Charlotte, and Jeditotalwar stopped to be active in our guild.

We will probably make another GuildElection in a Year.